When a guy friends wants you to meet his family, this is almost always a positive sign. In some cases, it can be an indication that he is romantically interested in you, say the staff writers of the dating website eHarmony.com. Because a guy's family is an important part of a guy’s life, letting a girl in can be a sign that he wants to bring you closer into the circle of people he cares about.

Reasons for Meeting Family

Even if a guy friend does not show immediate romantic interest in you, when he wants you to meet his family, this is generally an indication that you are -- at the very least -- someone who is important to him and with whom he wants to maintain a close relationship. Meeting family is usually a relationship milestone, as social psychologist Theresa DiDonato tells “Psychology Today.” In other words, if a guy friend wants to you meet his family, it might be worth exploring whether he has feelings that go beyond platonic friendship.