How to Write a Welcome Back to School Letter

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Teachers often write a letter to welcome students back to school and introduce themselves and the upcoming curriculum to the parents and caregivers of their students. This letter is usually designed to provide important details about the new school year, and to introduce the teacher and his or her educational philosophy. Such a letter should contain several key components, including a greeting, a short autobiography, and several goals and aspirations for the school year.

Address the letter. A welcome back to school letter should begin by saying “Dear Parents and Caregivers.” This letter is written directly to the parents, guardians and caregivers of the students in the classroom. It's important to remember that families are very diverse and children may be living with a caregiver other than a parent.

Begin the letter by welcoming both students and parents. Try to maintain a cheerful, encouraging and enthusiastic tone.

Encourage families to support the child's academic life. Include a sentence explaining your dedication as a teacher, but encourage them to maintain an active role in the children's education at home. Family involvement can often foster and reinforce a child’s learning.

Offer a short autobiography. Parents are often curious about who is teaching their children. By including some brief facts about yourself, they can learn a little about you, which may be reassuring. It's a good idea to include your educational background, the number of years you've been a teacher and your areas of proficiency, such as use of technology in the classroom.

Discuss your classroom goals for the coming year. This lets families know what to expect for the year, offers an overview of fun activities or field trips students can anticipate, and provides some basic explanations of what the children will be learning.

Close the letter. The welcome letter is usually closed by giving families the option of contacting you if there are issues, concerns or comments. Thank the parents and caregivers for their support and end by writing “Sincerely” and signing your name.

Add your contact information, including phone and email, to the bottom of the page.

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