Baptisms are Christian traditions referenced in the Bible.

The baptism of a child is an important milestone in many sects of the Christian faith because it marks the child's first entry into the church. Baptisms are often marked by announcements, which can be submitted to the church itself for posting on the bulletin board or in church community publications. The announcements can also be mailed to friends and family who were unable to attend the baptism as a way of sharing the news about the milestone with loved ones.

Address the letter based on whom it is being sent to. For example, for a letter in a church publication, write, "To our Christian community," or "To the community of St. Mary's Church." For a letter to friends and family, write, "To our loved ones."

Announce the event of the baptism. For example, write, "We are pleased to announce that Abigail Marie has entered into the church community with her baptism on May 16." You could also opt to announce it in the third person, which gives the letter a more formal feeling. For example, "John and Mary Smith joyously announce the baptism of their daughter, Abigail Marie, on May 16."

Convey additional details about the ceremony. For example, include the name of the church and the priest who performed the baptism. You could also opt to include the names of the godparents of the child, if applicable. For example, you could write, "Abigail Marie was baptized at St. Mary's Church in a service led by Father Paul. Josh Peters and Martha Baker stood up as her godparents."

Include a personal note about the meaning of the baptism. For example, "We are excited and blessed to take the first step in raising our daughter as a child of God in St. Mary's Church community."

Add a biblical quote or verse that conveys your sentiments and feelings about the baptism. For example, you could quote a passage from the book of Matthew, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God."

Add your hopes that your friends, family and community will welcome her into the church family and guide her through her religious journey. For example, you could write, "We are thrilled that Abigail is entering into a warm and caring community and know that you will all welcome her and guide her along her spiritual path throughout her life."

Things Needed

  • ['Bible', 'Stationery']