How to Welcome People to a Church Program

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Most churches have programs in place for various purposes. Some programs are designed to help church members be more social and to get to know each other better. Other programs help specific people, such as a support group for parents who have lost a child. Regardless of the program's purpose, church leaders and those running the program should strive to make people who attend feel welcome.

1 Welcome visitors to the program personally

Welcome visitors to the program personally. Someone should be in charge of standing near the door and greeting each person who arrives. No one should be left standing near a door not knowing where to go.

2 Assign a specific person

Assign a specific person to welcome newcomers. Anyone who comes into the room should be directed to this person.

3 Ask the person

Ask the person who welcomes newcomers to explain the program's purpose. Understanding the program helps people feel more at ease.

4 Introduce newcomers

Introduce newcomers to senior members of the church or members who have been attending the program for a while. Seeing that the church has faithful members and that the program is effective is helpful for newcomers.

5 Do nt forget about the goodbye

Don’t forget about the goodbye. Thank those in attendance for coming and shake hands. This reinforces a sense of community and encourages newcomers to come back.

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