How to Use a Prayer Box

Prayer boxes are used the world over.

Prayer boxes are used by nearly every religion known to humankind. Regardless of the religious affiliation, the premise of the prayer box remains the same -- to give individuals a place to physically store their written prayer requests, wishes and desires. Prayer boxes can be found in places of worship, like churches, temples, and synagogues. They can also be found in private homes, in bedrooms or on personal altars. Prayer boxes are also portable. Many lockets or charms you see on people going about their daily routines are actually prayer boxes, containing tiny scrolls bearing prayers.

Think about what you truly want and write it down. Writing your desires out give them energy and increase the likelihood that your prayers will be answered.

Write your prayer request in the present tense, declaring that it is already a done deal. Writing a prayer request as something that will happen in the future sends a message to the universe that you are always waiting for what you want to come. By affirming that it is already in the here and now, you will receive the answer to your prayer sooner.

Fold your prayer request and place it into your prayer box. Whether your prayer box is at church, at home or a piece of jewelry that you wear constantly on your neck or wrist, know that God is already actively working to answer your prayer. Do not worry or dwell on it any longer. Let go and let God do the work.

Vernelle Nelson earned her first writing credit in 1979. Her books use plain language and common sense to help readers overcome challenges to find peace and harmony in their lives. She holds a Bachelor of Science in business management from the University of the District of Columbia and is currently preparing to become a Licensed Unity Teacher.