How to Use a Christian Prayer

Prayer is fundamental to Christianity.

Christians use prayer to feel God’s presence. When you pray, you may feel a sense of humility and hope. For Christians worldwide, prayer is a necessary practice. Prayer may also give believers a feeling of hope and faith. Often, Christians pray when there is a need or something needs to change. After praying, the faithful hope for answers, but the answers don't always seem to come. Prayer is more about sharing your thoughts and hopes and fears with God and then trusting that everything will work out all right. How you pray is what prayer is all about; it's a process, not an outcome.

Acknowledge God. People may pray when they need something or when they are looking for answers, but before you ask for anything, simply let God know that he is your God. Also, let him know that you are thankful for and accept his supreme gift, his son, Jesus Christ.

Confess your sins and accept God's forgiveness. When God has forgiven your sins, you must then forgive yourself.

Pray for God’s guidance in your life and for His will to be done. Know and understand that God has a plan. Accept His will and allow Him to guide you in your life.

Ask and pray for wisdom and understanding. Trust that there is a will and a path that you are on. Asking God for the knowledge and wisdom about this path will help you gain the patience and understanding you need to move forward. Even when you are going through a difficult time, such as an illness or lack of something, ask God to give you the wisdom to get you through your difficulties.

Be bold when you pray. Trust and never stop trusting in God to lead you. Pray with honor, humbleness and sincerity. Be conscious and deliberate in what you are praying for, and ask God to help you move forward with boldness.