How to Set Up a Free Prayer Conference Line

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Prayer is communication with one's god or religious deity. Some religions, such as Christianity, believe that prayer requests can be answered, especially when the same prayer is made by two or more persons. Prayer conference lines give those seeking prayer the opportunity to request prayer with another under a cloak of anonymity and privacy. Group prayer may also be desired by church members who are separated by some distance, such as missionaries scattered around the country. There are several methods for establishing a free prayer conference line.

1 Set up an online conference line

Set up an online conference line and use it for prayer. Several online companies offer free conference calling, such as and

2 Sign up through a dedicated prayer line service

Sign up through a dedicated prayer line service. Free prayer lines are available through companies such as

3 Fill out online forms

Fill out online forms with the service you choose.

4 Check your email

Check your email account or number and dial-in information. Most companies will send verification of your new conference line to your email address.

5 Establish times

Establish times when you can be reached on the prayer conference line.

6 Publish the number and the operation times

Publish the number and the operation times through your religious organization, community center or personal website.

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