How to Pray the Rosary for Nine Days

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Christian churches including the Catholic and Orthodox churches pray the Holy Rosary out of reverence for Mary the Mother of God. Rosary literally means “crown of roses,” and is a “spiritual bouquet” offered to the Blessed Mother, according to the Catholic EWTN website. Praying any prayer for nine consecutive days constitutes a novena. Pray a rosary novena when you have a pressing intention or need for which you want the Queen of Heaven to intercede with her Son, Jesus Christ. Use Rosary novenas depending upon your need.

1 Speak your intention before reciting the Rosary

Speak your intention before reciting the Rosary. Ask Mary to hear your words, for example, by reciting the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary novena. Express your love for and confidence in Mary's love for you and for her Son.

2 Pray the Holy Rosary for nine consecutive days

Pray the Holy Rosary for nine consecutive days. Recite the Apostle’s Creed on the Crucifix of your Rosary, followed by the Our Father on the large bead. Vocalize the Hail Mary on each of the small beads, ending with the Glory Be. Proceed through the five decades – sets of 10 beads.

3 Reflect on the 20 Joyful

Reflect on the 20 Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous Mysteries as you recite the Rosary. Follow the guidelines for the Mysteries indicated by the day of the week, by Church feast days and liturgical seasons.

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