Etiquette: What Do You Give to Someone Who Is Moving?

Choose something small and easy to pack.
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There's no strict etiquette when giving a gift to someone who's moving. In fact, you're not required to give anything at all. If the person moving is someone you're close to, though, you'll probably want to get a little something. The key is to be considerate when choosing the right gift.

1 It's the Size that Counts

Someone who's moving probably doesn't want to deal with packing a large item, especially if most of the boxes have already been packed. Instead, you're better off giving the person something small or consumable. For example, a gift card can easily fit into his wallet. A restaurant gift card can allow the person to eat out rather than try to cook a meal when the pans are still packed, while a gift card to a national retailer could allow him to pick up a few small things that he needs in the new place. Another idea, especially if the person is moving far away, is a snack bag for the car or plane. This could be either home-baked goods or packaged foods like chips and granola bars. Since these items are consumable and don't take up much space, they're easy to throw into a bag.

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