How Much to Tip for Newspaper Delivery

Spread holiday cheer with a tip to your newspaper carrier over the holidays.
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Each morning, you drag yourself to your front porch to see a newspaper tightly rolled and sitting on the doormat. You might not think much about how it got there, but while you were sleeping, a dedicated delivery person walked, biked or drove to your house to ensure you had access to the news. Tipping around the holidays is a straightforward way to thank the carrier you might seldom see.

1 Say "Thanks" With Money

It's not necessary to tip throughout the year for newspaper delivery, but etiquette organization The Emily Post Institute recommends tipping over the holidays. The organization says you should give between $10 and $30 or a gift. "U.S. News & World Report" suggests a tip between $10 and $20 or slightly more, while "Forbes" takes a different approach. "Forbes" advises tipping up to $60, which equates to slightly more than $1 per week. Call the newspaper and ask for the carrier's name, and then mail a check to the newspaper care of the carrier, along with a short note of thanks. Or, set your alarm so you can greet the carrier, offer thanks in person and hand over the tip.

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