How to Strengthen Clairvoyant Ability

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Think back to the last time you "just knew" something. We’ve all felt the sense that something isn’t quite right, that we know who is on the phone before answering, or that we are not alone. Even people who claim no psychic ability typically can relate at least one incident of heightened intuition.What was that knowledge, and from where did it come? As humans, we use a paltry 10 percent of our brain capacity, limiting ourselves in the belief that we can experience the world through only five quantifiable senses. Clairvoyance, like most psychic phenomena, cannot really be quantified or measured. Listening to clairvoyant feelings and sensations can be astounding, however, and strengthening this ability is possible through practice using meditation.

1 Learn about meditation

Learn about meditation. "I can’t meditate because my mind wanders" is a common complaint. A wandering mind is fine, especially if you’ve not meditated before. For help, look to the many books and CDs that are available on meditation practices.

2 Is the no-fuss 10-minute break

One of the easiest forms of meditation is the no-fuss 10-minute break. Set a kitchen timer or your watch, and pay attention to your breath. Close your eyes, and begin breathing deeply and evenly. Do this anywhere, at any time, and don't worry about random thoughts; you already have a focus to which you are giving your full attention: your breath.

3 Breathe in and out slowly

Breathe in and out slowly, seeing your lungs expand and fold in your mind's eye with each inhalation and exhalation. A relaxed heart rate and better sleeping are two of many healthy side effects of doing this exercise just 10 minutes per day.

4 Do this for a few weeks

Do this for a few weeks until you feel comfortable and able to quiet your mind more easily. This ability to calm the mind also will calm your soul. Eventually your senses will heighten, allowing you to see, feel and understand on different levels you may not have noticed before. Intuition, understanding and compassion will become stronger and more pronounced.

Sylvia M Desantis is a certified Reiki Master, reflexologist, published author, and instructional designer for higher education. You’ll find her articles and essays in a wide variety of publications, including the Chicken Soup for the Soul® and Cup of Comfort® series.