How to Access Akashic Records

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The term "akasha" comes from Sanskrit and translates to English as “primary substance.” The "primary substance" of the Akashic records is the energy source that contains all of the knowledge, thoughts, actions, feelings and creativity that has ever existed or will ever exist. In the Bible, the akasha is referred to as the Book of Life and the Word of God. Ancient Hindus described the akasha as the energy and intelligence found in nature. According to the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, our DNA stores all of the thoughts and events that have ever occurred in our ancestor’s lives, and 99.99 percent of our DNA is identical to everyone else in the world. This is our direct access point to the Akashic records.

1 Formulate a question

Formulate a question to which you would like to know the answer. It can be a question about yourself or someone else. It can be about something that happened in the past, is going on in the present or something you’d like to know about the future.

2 Ask

Some examples of questions you might ask include: What will my life be like if I marry my boyfriend or girlfriend? Is this new job opportunity a good fit for my life right now? Did I have any past lives? What is my soul trying to accomplish in this life? Save this question for use later in your meditation.

3 Sit comfortably

Sit comfortably in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed. Put a blanket over your shoulders if you think you might get cold. It’s important to be as comfortable as possible while sitting in an upright position. Put your feet flat on the floor, or sit with your legs crisscrossed if that makes you feel more relaxed, but either way, make sure your spine is kept straight. This helps to ensure a calm alertness as opposed to just slouching in a chair and falling asleep.

4 Become aware of your breath

Become aware of your breath. Just breathe in and out normally while placing your attention on your breathing. If you find your thoughts drifting to other things, bring your attention back to your breath. The key here is to clear your mind of the stream of thoughts that we tend to entertain. If you find that your mind is awash with thoughts, simply acknowledge each one and let it pass. Keep focused on your breath. It might be helpful to say something in your mind like, “I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out” as you breathe. This may help keep other thoughts at bay.

5 Visualize yourself walking through a forest

Visualize yourself walking through a forest. Use your imagination to give the forest as many details as you can, such as what you see, hear, feel and smell in the woods. In your visualization, come to a large ancient tree such as a giant redwood. The tree has a door on it that you open and enter into a long dimly lit hallway. At the end of the hallway lies another door. Knock on it three times and it will open. You come face to face with a guide that will tell you whatever you want to know from the Akashic records.

6 Ask the guide

Mentally ask the guide the question you prepared in step one. You may find you are getting answers on your first try, or you may find that you need to practice this meditation daily until you begin to receive the answers you are looking for. Let the answers come to you without forcing them. Remain present in the visualization and keep your mind clear.

Stacy Tabb began writing in 2001, specializing in business and human resources. She has written web content and other communication materials for a large Fortune 500 company. She spent two years at Northeastern University's School of Journalism before completing her bachelor's degree in psychology at Westfield State College in Massachusetts.