How to Start a Street Ministry

A street ministry should aim to serve both spiritual and material needs.

A street ministry primarily should serve the spiritual needs of the community, but it can also serve various other needs. For example, your street ministry can bring hot meals and clothing to homeless persons, or your street ministry may specialize in giving out religious literature to people who are discouraged about certain circumstances in their lives. Before you start a street ministry, you'll want to first pray and ask God for wisdom on how you should build it, and then follow your own instincts with help from the explanation below.

Decide on the focus of your street ministry. If your primarily goal is to give Bibles and religious literature to teens in your neighborhood, then make this the focus of your ministry. Or if you want to deliver clothing and food to senior citizens who live alone, develop a ministry that is targeted towards such a local group of people.

Assemble your staff members. Meet with some of your church members, pastor, neighbors, friends and relatives and request their assistance with your new street ministry. Discuss your goals for the ministry, and then assign each member different roles based on their abilities.

Go to the areas and visit with the people you hope to reach with your ministry. For example, if your target consists of single mothers in your area, visit the daycare centers, clinics, schools, parks, and anywhere that the mothers are most likely to be found. Approach them in a polite way and discuss the ways your ministry can help them. Finally, give them a card with contact information on it.

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