You can tithe even if you have no home church.

Tithing is a biblical mandate that applies to Christians and involves giving 10 percent of one's income to the church. Traditionally, when a congregant tithes to his church, the money goes toward various ministries within the church, paying the pastor and paying for basic church expenses, such as the electric bill and landscaping. If you are a Christian who seeks to tithe, but you have no home church, you may be confused about how you can go about fulfilling this obligation.

Pray for guidance. If you feel led to tithe, then praying can guide you where to send your offering, even if you have no home church.

Visit churches in your area and tithe at a different church each week. In this way, you can benefit many local churches. The drawback to doing this is that you may not know, and will not have any input about, how church funds are allocated.

Donate to specific ministries that are important to you. If you have a heart to help the homeless, for example, tithe to a local homeless shelter. Simply write a check each week or month and drop it off or mail it, or volunteer to help the ministry and bring your tithe at that time.

Send your tithe to online or television ministries. If there is a specific ministry that has helped you, you can financially support it, allowing it to help others.