Types of Missionary Work

Missionaries do a variety of work all around the world.

Missionary work is very diverse and can come in many different forms. Many people assume that missionary work has to take place on foreign soil or in a third-world country, but missionary work can exist in your own neighborhood, or anywhere around the world. A missionary is simply someone who devotes himself to a specific mission or purpose, whether it’s to convert others or to lend a helping hand to those in need.

1 Homeland Missionaries

Homeland missionaries are people who stay in their home country and work on a cause or mission, usually in the name and service of their religion. Homeland missionaries can be pastors, representatives or members of their place of worship, or anyone who wants to make a difference.

2 Overseas Missionaries

Overseas missionaries are those most commonly thought of when someone hears the word “missionary.” These missionaries travel abroad and live in a particular foreign country, often to evangelize and/or help people in need. Most overseas missionaries are sent by a particular nonprofit group or religious organization, which helps to raise support and prayer for the missionaries efforts. Short-term missions typically last for a few months, and can lead to long-term work that could extend indefinitely. Overseas missionaries are commonly required to return to their country of origin every four years for a furlough, which often lasts between six months and one year.

3 Evangelistic Missionaries

The main objective of evangelistic missionaries is to convert people to a particular religion. The focus of their work is to preach and teach in areas where people may have never heard their religious messages before. Many evangelistic missionaries go door to door, hold crusades and organize public demonstrations. While many evangelistic missionaries are involved in some aspect of helping people in need, their main objective is to spread their religious message and convert.

4 Need Based Missionaries

Need based missionaries focus mainly on helping people in their area. While evangelism is a part of their service, meeting the needs of the people is their primary goal. These missionaries start orphanages, build churches and community centers, distribute medical supplies and help provide food and water for people in need.

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