How to Speak in Tongues. Speaking in tongues is a highly revered gift in some religious organizations and spiritual circles. Most well known in Pentecostal Christianity, it dates back to biblical times and is explored in the Old Testament, especially in the book of Acts. To those outside the charismatic practice, speaking in tongues is often considered silly, phony, demonic or simply mysterious. Within the Christian organizations who follow this edict of the Old Testament, speaking in tongues is also known as being "slain" or "baptized" in the Spirit, a reference to the Holy Spirit of the Christian Trinity. The "tongues" refer to the language of God, an ancient language which allows the speaker to communicate with God on a more direct and primal level. Read on to learn how to speak in tongues.

Understanding the Beliefs

Attend a charismatic church or organization that is known to have members speak in tongues on occasion.

Speak with a preacher or other leader within that church or organization, asking his help and advice on understanding the background of speaking in tongues.

Study the Bible verses that refer to tongues, and speak to people who have done it. You want as much understanding as possible because understanding the event can ease any fears or concerns you might have. Fear and worry prevent you from releasing control and allowing your spirit the freedom it needs.

Consider the reasons you have for wanting to speak in tongues. Traditionally, this is a very personal and highly respected gift within charismatic circles. If you have some desire beyond personal spiritual growth, you may need to reconsider the importance of speaking in tongues.

The Real Deal

Believe. The most important aspect of any spiritual gift is faith. If you question the validity of speaking in tongues, then your doubt will color the experience for you and likely leave you in that state of questioning after the fact as well. If faith is a problem, pray about it, and consciously place your trust and faith in as much as you can.

Ask for it. Whether in a Pentecostal church praying to God, or in any other spiritual situation, Christian or not, if you want to speak in the language of God (or Deity), you should ask. This opens you to the possibilities and allows God to take notice of your desires and needs.

Let go. Trying too hard will do nothing but frustrate you. Speaking in tongues is not something that can be learned or practiced. It is not a skill to be actively pursued. Rather, it is a gift offered to you that must be passively accepted.


  • Because speaking in tongues cannot truly be controlled by the speaker, this article is meant to serve as a guideline of understanding and preparation. The actual act is up to you and your God. Though speaking in tongues is primarily practiced in certain Christian denominations, there are some earth based religions that have similar beliefs and practices. The same steps apply in these cases.