How to Get a Free Hernia Surgery

No surgery money? No problem.

Your hernia is killing you, at least figuratively, but you have no money to get it fixed. Instead of lying down in bed and waiting to die, you can get free hernia surgery with a lot of confidence and some gumption.

Find a volunteer. Several doctors and surgeons offer their services free of charge to people who honestly cannot afford it. You may have to be eligible by being below the national poverty guidelines, a fact you can check at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. A non-profit group called Health Care Volunteer will help you find a health care provider in your area if you qualify and set up a free account with them.

Call your county health department. Some counties have low-cost or no-cost programs in place for people who need health care, or can direct you to an organization that does.

Make the hospital rounds. Find out if any area hospitals know of free surgery programs or can direct you on a path to finding one. They may know of certain grants that were given to organizations for free surgery options.

Search for a charity (see Resources). Thousands of charities exist throughout the United States, many that offer health costs. An online search at Charity Navigator may help you find the answer you are looking for.

Use the barter system. Maybe you don’t have much money but you could have an important skill or connection that you could use to barter for free surgery. Call area doctors, surgeons and hospitals and offer your pitch to see what you come up with.