Show Patriotism

In recent news, our presidential candidates' patriotism has been questioned. It brings to mind just how do we, as Americans, show our patriotism?

According to Wikipedia, patriotism is "positive and supportive attitudes to a fatherland." Attitude is pride in our country's achievements and our country's diverse culture. Because of our pride, we want to preserve the characteristics of the United States of America.

We can show our patriotism by having respect for our flag, paying allegiance to our flag, and knowing the national anthem.

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We can show our patriotism by being involved in civic activities, being responsible citizens, and following the laws of our country, even if we disagree. If we disagree, we have the responsibility of speaking out.

We can show our patriotism by regarding all of our citizens as family. That's what a fatherland is all about, working together for the good of our country.

We can show our patriotism by supporting our troops who and their families are sacrificing for our country. If you know families who have loved ones at war, help them get through these tough times. I have posted a link at the bottom of this article for ways to support our troops.