How to Report Someone to the Police Online

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As the world becomes "wired," many services that once demanded face-to-face interactions can now be performed online. Among those is filing police reports. The reasons why a citizen would want to file a report online vary. Some people appreciate the time saved by an online report. Others feel a sense of anonymity. Still others believe that they can express themselves better by writing their reports rather than giving them orally to a police officer. you can now report someone to the police online throughout the world.

1 Obtain the website

Obtain the website of the local police department. Almost every police department's site includes an online report form.

2 Find out incidents

Find out which incidents can be reported online in each locality; some departments request oral reports for incidents that others will accept through an online report.

3 File the report

File the report. Insure that the relevant information is included: details of what happened, details of when and where it happened, identifying details of the person who is being reported and report writer's identifying details.

4 Obtain a reference number for the report

Obtain a reference number for the report. You will need this number for any future updates or progress checks.

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