How to Read Akashic Records for Free

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The Akashic records contain the collective knowledge of all past and future civilizations in existence. The records are a metaphysical link to ancient wisdom and future insight; The Hypnosis Motivation Institute states that ancestral knowledge is stored genetically within human DNA. The Akashic records contain a vast store of spiritual and earthly knowledge that is accessible through this genetic connection. The Akashic records are read by combining controlled meditation practices and visualization techniques to initiate a state of trance.

1 Lay down in a quiet area

Lay down in a quiet area where you will not be interrupted. Turn off any distracting electronics or phones you have within earshot. Begin your personal meditation exercises.

2 Inhale through your nose

Inhale through your nose slowly for 10 seconds. Hold your breath for 10 seconds and then release your breath for 10 seconds from your mouth. Repeat five times and concentrate on the flow of your breath.

3 Move into a comfortable position

Move into a comfortable position where you are sitting erect and awake. Visualize a glowing white circle of light surrounding you completely and enter a state of trance.

Focus on the flow of your breath and the glowing white light.

Think of a historical period and an event that took place during that time period. Visualize your surroundings and gradually incorporate all of your senses into hearing, smelling and feeling the environment around you. Focus on small details to give them more depth.

Concentrate on the event that took place in this historical period. Allow the trance to carry you through different scenes. Write down the details of what you saw.Continue practicing this method until you can remember the event as if you had experienced it yesterday firsthand.

Visualize the great hall where the Akashic records are kept. The hall has large ancient pillars at the entrance and rows of ephemeral looking books inside. Focus on small details and perceive your surroundings with all of your senses.

Enter across the threshold into the main hall. Concentrate on your name.

Focus on your book and you will be drawn to it. This book records the knowledge and events of your past and future lives. Turn the pages of the book until you see a date in the future.

Allow the trance to carry you through the events of that date and record your memories of the events when you are finished. Repeat and progressively look farther ahead into the future as you practice.

Monitor your journal entries to see if you had envisioned them correctly through trance. Delve into your past lives by going further back in the pages of the book.

Lina Schofield began writing professionally in 2005. She is a professional freelance writer who has worked on a variety of projects, including the founding of the quarterly publication "Propaganda." Schofield also has been published in several student collections. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English at University of Wales Trinity Carmarthen.