Ideas for Secret Sister Cards

You will develop a spiritual bond with your secret sister.

Many churches sponsor a secret sister program to help women in the congregation get to know one another. Two women are secretly paired, and exchange small gifts, cards, notes of encouragement, surprises and prayers with each other throughout the program. Neither woman knows who her secret sister is until everyone's identities are revealed at the end of the program.

1 Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are available at Christian bookstores and gift shops. Secret sister cards containing words of encouragement, prayers, holiday messages and birthday wishes are available individually or in boxed sets. These cards are designed to be given to your secret sister.

2 Custom Greeting Cards

You can customize a secret sister greeting card with your own words. Online greeting card sites, such as Zazzle and Vistar, allow you to select a blank card and customize the inside greeting. Blank cards are designed specifically for secret sisters, with flowers, trees and secret sister greetings on the outside. You can customize the inside greeting when placing your order.

3 E-Cards

Send an e-card to your secret sister. Set up a separate email account to use when communicating with your secret sister in order not to reveal yourself. Christian e-cards containing scripture, words of encouragement and well wishes for your secret sister are available from e-card websites. E-cards can also be printed.

4 Handmade Cards

Make a handmade card for your secret sister. Be creative, using card stock, rubber stamps and stickers available at craft and hobby stores. Your secret sister will appreciate the heartfelt effort that goes into making a handmade greeting card.

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