The Swype keyboard input method allows you to form words by swiping your finger across the onscreen keyboard instead of tapping individual letters. This tool makes a quick job of composing lengthy text messages or emails. Swype also allows you to edit words in your personal dictionary so you can quickly enter phrases, acronyms or slang you use on a regular basis. Enable the input method on your Motorola Droid Razr from any text entry field.

Enabling Swype

Create a new text entry -- for example, open a new email or text message -- and long-press your finger on the text field. When the "Input Method" menu pops up, select "Swype" from the list of options. Alternately, you can navigate to your Droid Razr's Home screen, tap "Apps" and select "Settings." Select "Language & Input" and then switch to the Swype keyboard from there.