The Lord's Prayer Crafts

Create a stained-glass look with bits of colored paper and glue.

The Lord's Prayer, found in Matthew 6:9-13, is a prayer of worship as well as one of asking and trusting God's provision and protection. The Lord's Prayer is one of the best-known passages of the Bible. Craft activities using The Lord's Prayer help people, especially children, become familiar with the power and peace inherent in this passage.

1 Paper Plate Shadow Box

Take two plain paper plates. If they are not strong enough for this craft, use four plates, glued in pairs to make one sturdy paper plate. Decorate both paper plates with markers, paint, glitter or crayons. For younger children, provide a printout of The Lord's Prayer in a script font. Older children can write the passage on paper. Glue the prayer onto the front of one of the paper plates. Cut a hole in the second paper plate so that when you put the paper plates' top sides together, The Lord's Prayer will show through the hole. Only the edges of the plates will touch. Glue the paper plates together, or punch holes around them and thread ribbon through the holes. Glue ribbon around the hole to frame The Lord's Prayer inside.


Make bookmarks from cardstock. Make bookmarks the full 8.5-inch width of the paper. Each sheet yields five bookmarks 8.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Use Christian symbols as graphics, and add The Lord's Prayer to each bookmark. Older children can write the prayer on their bookmarks and draw their own illustrations. Cut the bookmarks apart before adding The Lord's Prayer and decorations. Glitter pens can be used to make a frame around the edges of the bookmarks.

3 Praying Hands

Use a large graphic illustration of praying hands. The graphic should fill the midsection of a sheet of paper 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Print out hands on black paper, and cut them out. Glue the graphic to a sheet of plain cardstock. Cut small pieces of a variety of colored and textured paper. With the bits of paper, create a stained-glass effect by gluing them around the praying hands. You can also glue down the bits of paper and add the praying hands on top of the “stained glass” for a more dimensional appearance. Leave 2 inches around the edges of the praying hands picture. At the top, write, “The Lord's Prayer.” In smaller print, write the Lord's Prayer around the edges of the sheet, turning it around as needed. Keep filling the space until you have completed the prayer. The text becomes the frame for the praying-hands picture. You may use colored pens for this text frame.

4 Mini-book

Create a mini-book by folding a piece of paper in half and cutting on the fold. Fold these sheets again to make a book. Staple in the fold. On the cover, draw or add a graphic and use the text, “The Lord's Prayer.” Toward the bottom add your name. Inside, copy The Lord's Prayer, adding illustrations or stickers for a unique craft.

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