How to Print Block-Style Letters for a Bulletin Board

Block-style letters attract attention to a classroom bulletin board.

Large block-style letters draw attention to bulletin board messages and clarify their themes, preventing unsolicited and inappropriate postings. Though standard word-processing programs offer a variety of block-style fonts, several designing and education websites have additional fonts available for download. Type your message with a word-processing program and print it for posting, or print out an alphabet to make stencils for repeated use.

Open your word-processing program. Select your desired font, font size and color. If you can’t find the appropriate font, browse fonts online to find one that suits your needs.

Press the caps lock button to automatically type all letters in upper case. Press CTRL + B (Command + B on a Mac) to make your letters bold.

Type your desired message or an entire alphabet and press CTRL + P or Command + P to print. If posting your printout directly on the bulletin board, simply tack or staple the printed letters to your bulletin board. If making stencils, continue on to the next step.

Cut out all the letters and trace them onto cardstock or poster board.

Place the cardstock on a cutting mat and cut out a traced letter with a craft knife. If you want to save the cut-out letters to make negative stencils, only cut along the outline, not through the actual letter. Repeat this process for each letter. You now have stencils for each letter of the alphabet.

Place a stencil on the paper you wish to post on your bulletin board. Hold the stencil down firmly with your non-dominant hand and color in the stencil to make block letters. If using negative stencils, color around the stencil to make a paper-colored letter with a colored outline.

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