How to Make Graveside Wreaths

A graveside wreath.
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A graveside wreath shows your respect for the person who has passed away. While you can order a graveside wreath, making one yourself adds a personal touch and also saves you money. Making a graveside wreath does not have to be intimidating. With the proper instructions and a few choice arts and crafts, you can create a graveside wreath that is an appropriate tribute to the deceased.

Submerge the foam ring in a container of water. Leave the foam in the water until it is damp but not soaked.

Ensure that you have all of your materials spread out and ready to be placed onto the wreath. Trim your flowers and your foliage to a length that is a little shorter than the size of the foam.

Place the foliage into the foam. Start at the inside of the foam ring and work your way to the outside. Line each piece of foliage up so that the foam ring is completely covered. Ensure that there are no gaps through which you can see the foam.

Place the flowers into the foam evenly around the ring to decorate it.

Wind a ribbon around the foam in the spaces between the flowers to give the wreath an extra decorative touch.

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