How to Make a Headstone Spray

Flowers, either real or silk, can add a touch of color and beauty to headstones and cemetery markers.
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Flower arrangements are a fundamental part of many funeral and memorial ceremonies. Though real flowers are often used at services, many of the arrangements that adorn the headstone or gravesite are made of silk flowers, which last much longer and withstand harsh weather.

Trim your fresh or silk flowers and greenery stems to the desired length. The length of the stems will vary according to the size of the headstone, but begin with stems approximately 18 inches long. Cut your fresh stems at a 45-degree angle to make them easier to insert into the foam.

Trim the floral foam with a knife to fit inside your headstone saddle. You should leave approximately 1/2 inch of foam visible above the saddle container. If you are using fresh flowers, soak your trimmed foam in water for several minutes.

Fix the bottom of the foam securely to the saddle container with waterproof double-sided florist tape.

Insert the stems of your flowers firmly into the top of your floral foam block, starting with the perimeter of the block. Insert the first row of flowers at almost a horizontal angle, so that they will drape slightly over the edge of the headstone.

Add consecutive rows of flowers at increasingly vertical angles until the center flowers are completely vertical. If necessary, remeasure and trim the flower stems until the headstone spray looks even.

Insert greenery into the sparse areas on your spray. Maintain the symmetry of your arrangement from side to side and also from front to back.

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