You can make a funeral wreath with fresh or artificial flowers. The wreath can have a spray of flowers on one side, or it can be entirely covered with blossoms. You can use colors that represent the season or favorite flowers of the deceased.

Cut the end of the ribbon on a slant. Place the ribbon end on to the middle of the ring. Hot glue or pin the slanted end in place with floral greening pin. Begin to wrap the ribbon by threading it through the opening in the wreath and around the shape on an angle. This will keep the ribbon smooth.

Wrap the entire ring or heart shape with the ribbon. Secure the end with two greening pins or hot glue at the back of the wreath.

Lay a spray of fresh or silk flowers on the surface of the heart or ring. Push greening pins over individual stems to hold them in place. Push each pin into the foam. If the stems appear too bulky, you can secure them with a piece of floral wire. Cut a 6-inch piece of floral wire. Insert each end on either side of the stems. Pull the wire ends through the back of the foam piece. Twist the wire tightly at the back to secure.

Add more individual flowers on either end of the spray to fill in the piece. Secure with greening pins.

With a sharp knife, poke a hole in the ribbon. Cut stems of flowers to three inches long. Push stems through the hole and into the foam when covering the entire piece with blossoms. Fill in all spaces for a full, lush wreath.

Add a ribbon bow on a wired stick by pushing it into the foam carefully.

Things Needed

  • ['Fresh or silk flowers', 'Foam wreath ring or heart 3 inches thick', 'Wide ribbon 10 to 15 yards', 'Floral greening pins', 'Floral wire', 'Hot glue gun', 'Ribbon bow on wired stick']


  • The funeral home should have an easel on which to display the wreath. Make sure it is delivered at least an hour before visiting hours or the service.