Grandma's favorite mug can't compete with this special keepsake.

Your youngster will be thrilled to surprise Grandma with this special keepsake gift because it is absolutely unique; there is no other handprint out there that's just like your child's. The two of you can make this creative, personalized gift in less than an hour. Help your child make a perfect little handprint, but remember that toddlers and preschoolers can have fidgety little hands, and little imperfections make a gift from the heart even more special.

Wash the ceramic mug thoroughly and then dry it with a lint-free cloth. If you want to sneak in a few minutes of mommy time, let the mug air dry. You're just making sure that no lint particles are on the mug. Dampen a paper towel with alcohol and rub away any remaining residue.

Wash your child's hand and dry with the lint-free cloth. Use a paintbrush to paint your child's hand with your choice of ceramic paint colors. Yes, these are safe for your child's hands, but not for the furniture or walls, so make sure your little one stays close by and is under supervision at all times. Make sure your child's hand is covered with an even layer of paint for a smooth and even transfer to the mug.

Hold the back of your child's hand gently and press her hand firmly against the side of the mug. The mug's smooth, glossy finish might be slippery, so keep a firm hold on her hand to prevent it from sliding along the mug and smudging the handprint.

Pull your child's hand away from the mug gently. Pull straight back and watch carefully to make sure her hand doesn't move along the mug. Wash the paint off your child's hand with gentle soap and water.

Place the mug on a baking sheet and put it in the oven. Turn on the oven and heat to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait until the mug is in the oven before setting the temperature. You want the mug to warm gradually as the oven heats. If you place the mug in an already heated oven, the mug might crack or shatter.

Heat the mug for 30 minutes. Remove the baking sheet and let the mug cool completely at room temperature.

Things Needed

  • ['Ceramic mug', 'Lint-free cloth', 'Paper towel', 'Rubbing alcohol', 'Medium-size paintbrush', 'Ceramic paint', 'Gentle soap', 'Baking sheet']