How to Make Styrofoam Airplane Gliders

You can make your own airplane glider out of Styrofoam.

Whether you are looking for a rainy day activity for you and your family or you are looking for a project for a classroom of kids to educate them on the way an airplane glider works, making a Styrofoam airplane glider is an activity you can complete in little time.

Trace a pattern such as the one found on NASA’s website (see Resources) onto a Styrofoam plate or a piece of craft Styrofoam. Cut out the pieces using scissors or a utility knife.

Sand all the edges of the Styrofoam with a fine grit sandpaper. You want the edges to be rough so that they are easier to attach together.

Attach the two pieces of the fuselage together with white glue.

Glue your stabilizer and fins to the fuselage as indicated by your pattern.

Cut the wings in half so you have two separate pieces. Apply glue along the cut edge and attach these to the side of the fuselage as your pattern indicates. Prop the other ends of the wings up so that they are 1 inch higher than where they attach to the fuselage. This will give the glider better lift when flying.

Allow the entire structure to dry completely. Decorate your glider as desired using markers.

  • If you find that your glider is not sailing smoothly, try attaching a dime to one side of the fuselage. Adjust the placement of the dime as needed.