The iCal Calendar can get full of events that you no longer need, or perhaps a specific calendar you subscribe to makes it confusing to find the appointments that matter. You can delete events on your calendar only on a monthly basis, or you can also just delete the calendar completely, and then re-add it as a blank calendar.

Step 1

Launch the Calendar application located in the Dock.

Step 2

Click the "Calendars" button to show the sidebar.

Step 3

Uncheck any calendars with events that you don't want to clear. Leave only the calendar you want to clear checked.

Step 4

Click the "Month" tab. Select the "Edit" menu and choose "Delete" to remove the events permanently. Otherwise, select "Cut" to clear the events and copy them to the clipboard so that you can paste the events into an external program. Complete this process for each month you want to clear.