How to Recall a City Council Member

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How to Recall a City Council Member. The recall of any public official doesn't happen every day but it is most common at the local level. When city council members don't keep their constituents happy, often those constituents push for a recall. This is a complex process but can be achieved with enough support.

1 Submit the proper notifications

Submit the proper notifications. You'll have to publish something saying you're going to recall a city council member, have the notice served on the council member and give him a chance to respond.

2 Determine the length

Determine the length of time the city council member has been in office. Most states require at least 120 days of service if not 6 months or longer.

3 Explain you

Explain why you want to recall the city council member. Many states have stated reasons a city council member can be recalled and your explanation must fit one of those categories.

4 Get the appropriate number of signatures

Get the appropriate number of signatures. A recall will require a petition signed by a certain number of registered voters. Go door-to-door, start a website or phone campaign to get the number of signatures you need to recall a city council member.

5 Use the allotted time wisely

Use the allotted time wisely. You'll only have a certain amount of time to collect signatures-usually 60 days or more-so use that time to your advantage to get the signatures you need.

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