How to Join Scientology. Scientology is a religion that was discovered in 1955 by L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer. Scientology teaches its members how to live a better life through positive thinking. Although Scientologists face a lot of criticism from the media for their unique system of beliefs they have millions of members worldwide. Follow these steps if you want to join the Scientology.

Research the beliefs of Scientology to ensure that you understand the beliefs before you join. Try to be open minded and read the positive and negative input on the religion.

Find a Church of Scientology in your area. The Church of Scientology offers many free courses to teach you more about how being a Scientologist can help you improve your life. They can help you decide if you want to join their church and help you with your studies once you join.

Take a personality test. Scientology offers personality tests that will help you discover how your personality affects the way your life turns out. Once you know how your personality affects you, you will have a better control over your future.

Buy home study courses. When you join Scientology you have to take courses to improve your life, they can get pricey so only take the courses that are a necessity if you can't afford them all. After you take the personality test you will understand which courses are essential for you to take.

Undergo auditing. Scientologists go through a process called auditing that helps your body remember and deal with traumas. Auditing helps your body recover from any mental or physical illness it has experienced.