How to Prepare for the HESI Entrance Admission Exam

You must pay a fee to take the HESI exam.
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Many nursing schools require that applicants take the Health Education Systems (HESI) entrance exam as part of the application process. A score of 75 percent or more is required to pass the exam. The exam is administered via computer, and the results are valid for seven years. Since successfully passing the exam is one of the prerequisites for entrance into most nursing schools, it is important that you adequately prepare for the exam. Math, vocabulary and grammar are some of the subjects on which you will be tested.

Take the HESI practice tests. Many tests are available for purchase online and in bookstores. Taking the practice tests before you begin preparing for the exam will help you to determine your weakest areas. You can then focus on those areas in addition to your regular study to adequately prepare for the exam. Keep taking practice tests regularly until it is time for the exam.

Purchase HESI study guides. The study guide contains all of the topics, including sample questions and answers, organized in one complete document. Following the study guide will help you to be mentally prepared for both the format of the exam and the types of questions you can expect.

Use HESI flashcards. You can create your own flashcards or purchase specially prepared HESI flashcards. The flashcards can help you to memorize key points for each subject in the exam. Additionally, their portable size allows you to take them with you for quick study sessions.

Study with other applicants. Studying with others can help encourage you and provide confidence to take the test. Additionally, if you need help understanding some of the subject material, members of your study group can offer you support and help.

Time yourself when you take the practice tests. You have four hours to complete the actual HESI exam; therefore, you need to practice answering all of the questions on each practice test within the four-hour time limit. Use a stopwatch or egg timer while you take each practice test.

  • Test yourself as often as possible after studying .

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