How to Get Into Ranger School

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Army Ranger School is known as one of the toughest military training schools in the world, selecting soldiers based on mental and physical capabilities and submitting them to rigorous and exhaustive training. Still, for a soldier, admittance to and success in Ranger School is the epitome of military service. Only about 25 percent of accepted candidates make it through all three phases and earn the coveted Ranger Tab, according to the U.S. Army.

1 Enlisted Preparation

2 Become Airborne-qualified

Complete one year of active duty including Advanced Infantry, become Airborne-qualified, and be recommended by a commanding officer before applying to Ranger School.

3 Prepare for the physical exam

Prepare for the physical exam. During the Ranger School assessment phase, candidates must be able to run five miles in less than 40 minutes, do six chin-ups, 49 push-ups, 69 sit-ups, complete a 12-mile march, and fully demonstrate an understanding of day and night navigation. Be prepared to swim in combat uniform while carrying a weapon.

4 Know the history

Know the history of the Army Rangers. You will be tested thoroughly on the battles, victories and leadership of the Rangers from past wars.

5 Leadership is Essential

6 Demonstrate your ability to lead

Demonstrate your ability to lead. Your performance in school will test your leadership skills as you rotate to various positions. Remember the motto: Rangers Lead the Way. Show you can lead as well as follow. Promote camaraderie and remember that no Ranger will ever be left behind.

7 Build

Build stamina and strength by simulating severe conditions. Army Ranger applicants are evaluated under harsh circumstances that mimic battlefield conditions, including sleep diversion, food deprivation and grueling field orders to be carried out in difficult terrain, including mountains and swamp, under severe weather conditions.

8 Be with all Army weapons systems

Be familiar with all Army weapons systems. In Army Ranger School, you may specialize, but you will be expected to be able to identify and use all weaponry.

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