Becoming a Wiccan priest involves learning magical spells.

Wicca is a pagan religion, based on the practice of witchcraft, the worship of the Divine God and Goddess and a veneration for the environment and nature. Wiccans follow a code of practice that is set out in the Wiccan Rede. Becoming a Wiccan priest or priestess is a challenging path to follow, and the accepted first step is to join a coven, to become initiated into the Wiccan faith. It is also possible to follow your Wicca beliefs on a solo basis by practicing the Seax-Wica traditions. As you proceed on your Wiccan journey, you will discover that Wicca has no central authority, and each coven and practitioner will follow his beliefs in a different manner.

Different Wiccan covens have separate traditions.

Contact a local Wiccan coven and apply to join. You will need to demonstrate interest and knowledge in the religion of Wicca and will undergo a period of training that traditionally lasts for one year and a day, prior to your initiation ceremony or acquisition of First Degree status. You will discover that training and initiation differs between covens, so select the group with which you feel most comfortable.

Practice all magical techniques and attend all major festivals and celebrations to qualify for Second Degree status in Wicca. Some of the techniques you will learn include working with crystals and gemstones, divination, healing, herbal magic, charms, astral projection and visualization. After at least a year and a day, you may qualify as a Second Degree Wicca practitioner in your coven.

Work and practice your specializations as much as possible for the following year and a day in order to qualify for Third Degree Wicca status and be ordained as a high priest or priestess. Specializations include teacher, healer, spell weaver or counselor. Study Wicca in depth to acquire deep-rooted foundations of knowledge and lore and work with other Wiccans to expand your abilities as a spiritual leader.


  • You can complete your Wiccan studies online, if you prefer.

    Followers of Seax-Wica can initiate themselves into the role of priest or priestess, if they choose to practice their faith independently.


  • Followers of Wicca practice magic according to an ethical code, teaching that magic may only be carried out in order to help people and if it does not harm others. However, once you begin to practice magical arts, you are responsible for your own actions and it may be easy to use and learn techniques that are more allied to the dark arts.