How to Get Invited to the White House. The White House is not just for heads of state. From America's beginning, the famous home on Pennsylvania has served as one of the most sought after tourist destinations. An invitation to the White House is a great honor; here are some simple steps to gain access to the most symbolic home in U.S. history.

Become a war hero. It seems like a long way to go to get to the White House, but it works. The President often awards medals of honor in lavish ceremonies on the grounds of his official home. Service to the country can get an officer more than just the GI Bill.

Exploit pop culture status. Fifteen minutes of fame brings several benefits. One of those benefits can be an invitation to the White House. Be mindful of potentially controversial comments that may offend the current administration. This will no doubt eliminate the possibility of an invite.

Play on the heartstrings of the current administration. If the First Lady, for example, has made the environment a key focus during the administration, join the Sierra Club and speak on their behalf as much as possible. Spotlight the work of the administration in all your speeches.

Read "How To Get Invited to the White House," by James C Humes. It may inspire even more creativity so you get an invitation to the White House.