How to Download Maps to the Kindle Fire

Download maps to your Kindle Fire via the Amazon Appstore app.
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The Amazon Appstore on your Kindle Fire has over a dozen free map apps available, though apps with the word "Google" in the titles aren't actually made by Google, and reviews of these apps are somewhat mixed. This is because Google apps are not, as of publication, available on the Fire's modified version of Android. While you can download any of the available map apps from the Appstore, if these aren't cutting it for you, and you're somewhat tech-savvy, there is a way to get Google Maps on your Kindle Fire without having to root the device.

1 Kindle Fire Map Apps

2 Tap

Tap "Apps" on the Kindle Fire's home screen, and then tap "Store" in the upper right corner of the Apps Library.

3 Type

Type "map" in the Store's search field to find a list of available map apps. Alternatively, select the "Navigation" category to browse through maps and related apps.

4 Tap the price button

Tap the price button to purchase and download the app. Most map apps on the Kindle Fire are free. Once the app downloads, open it via your App Library.

5 Google Maps

6 Download two files from the XDA Developers Forum

Download two files from the XDA Developers Forum to your computer: GoogleServicesFramework.apk and GoogleLoginService.apk (see Resources).

7 Open the Appstore on your Kindle Fire

Open the Appstore on your Kindle Fire, and then install the ES File Explorer app (see Resources).

8 Connect the Kindle Fire

Connect the Kindle Fire to your computer's USB port, and then copy the GoogleServicesFramework.apk and the GoogleLoginService.apk files into your device's Download folder. Launch the ES File Explorer app on the Kindle Fire, use that app to open both APK files, and then restart the Kindle Fire.

9 Download most recent Google Maps APK most from Android Drawer

Download the most recent Google Maps APK file from Android Drawer (see Resources) to your computer. Once the Kindle Fire has restarted, copy the file to its Download folder. Launch ES File Explorer, and then use it to open the Google Maps APK file to install it onto your Kindle Fire.

10 Launch Google Maps from the Apps Library

Launch Google Maps from the Apps Library, and then test it. If it doesn't perform to your expectations, touch and hold the app in the Apps Library to delete it, and then try a different APK version from Android Drawer.

  • Downloading the Google Maps APK to your device may not work any better than the map apps available in the Amazon Appstore.

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