How to Donate Fabric to Charity

Donate your extra fabric to organizations that need it in your community.
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Fabric is a specialty item that isn't much use to people who don't sew. So, if you have extra fabric that you'd like to donate, research to find out which charitable organizations in your community could actually use it. You can search online for organizations that accept fabric, but sometimes, asking around is the best way to find out.

1 How It's Done

Once you identify an organization that accepts fabric donations -- such as a church, community center, museum or other volunteer organization -- find out exactly the type of fabric it wants. For example, a quilting society might prefer 100 percent cotton fabric, whereas a senior center might prefer fleece for no-sew projects. You may be asked to make an appointment to show the organization the kind of fabric you have to ensure they actually want or need it.

2 Check the Condition

Organizations prefer fabric in good condition, so throw out damaged fabric or tiny, unusable scraps. Also, fabric can be pricey, so if you donate home decorating fabric or silk, for example, ask the charitable organization for a tax receipt.

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