Things Needed

  • ['Ladder', 'Soft cloths', 'Dish detergent', 'Mild abrasive acrylic polish (optional)']
Routine maintenance can keep an acrylic backboard looking new for a long time.

Cleaning an acrylic backboard might seem to be a difficult task because of the height of the backboard and the complexity of acrylic material. Acrylic is scuffed easily and can mildew, giving it a dingy appearance. However, an acrylic backboard can be cleaned with common household items. Whether your backboard is used for family fun or a championship game, making it clear and free of scuff marks will benefit players and spectators alike.

Place a ladder underneath the backboard. Secure it on a level, firm surface.

Wipe the backboard with a soft cloth to eliminate dust and loose dirt that can cause scratches and scuffs.

Soak a clean, soft cloth in warm water and apply a small amount of dish detergent to the cloth. Wipe the backboard with the cloth until it is clear and free of dirt.

Apply a mild acrylic polish to a clean, soft cloth, if scratches or scuff marks are on the backboard. Rub the cloth vigorously over the scratches until they are smooth.