How to Donate a Player Piano

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Player pianos are wonderful historic relics, but like any pianos, they take up a lot of space. If you own and love one of these instruments but don't have room for it, donating it to a charity makes a lot of sense. Not only will you benefit a good cause, but you can be pretty sure that the party who buys your piano at a charitable auction will do it out of love, too.

1 Find out the value

Find out the value of the player piano--depending on its condition, it can be worth a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The value is important for figuring out your tax deduction and for helping the charity determine a minimum price for an auction. You can get estimates at piano stores, from piano tuners and on websites. (See Resources below.)

2 Call your favorite charity

Call your favorite charity to find out whether it accepts vintage musical instruments. If it doesn't, contact your local United Way, which deals with many charities. It should be able to direct you to an organization in your area that has an auction event coming up.

3 N't find an appropriate or willing local nonprofit

If you can't find an appropriate or willing local nonprofit, donate your player piano to an online charity. Find one that specializes in collectibles, including musical instruments, cars and more. (See Resources below.)

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