How to Develop and Use Telepathy. Many people feel that everyone has the capacity to develop and use telepathy and that it is an unfortunate fact that most people ignore these innate talents. In order to revive these sections of your brain and start utilizing your natural telepathic gifts, telepathic researchers feel that there are certain exercises you can perform. Luckily, they are relatively easy, and many people have found them to be quite successful.

Believe wholeheartedly that you are telepathic and that you can develop your skills. Doubt has no place in any situation where you are trying to succeed at a task. This is especially true with telepathy, since skeptics are hardly ever able to uncover their talents in this area.

Ask a friend or relative who is not a skeptic to help you by focusing on a picture or object. You'll then try to focus on her thoughts and try to pick up whatever it is she is seeing. It's best if whatever she is looking at is able to evoke a powerful emotion, whether it be strong admiration, excitement, anger or any other strong feeling. This creates stronger waves of energy so you'll be able to pick up on it easier.

Relax your mind and try not to think too hard about picking up on what the other person is thinking or feeling. Concentration is actually counterproductive, since your mind must be open to receive whatever signals are being emitted.

Remove all distractions from your area of meditation. This includes clocks, watches, telephones, televisions and radios. All of these items can potentially break your concentration and seriously impede your ability to develop and use telepathy.

Record whatever image or concept of communication you may receive. It may help to have a journal nearby where you can sketch images or write down words that have popped into your head.

Analyze any emotion or abstract image you may receive. They may not make perfect sense to you at first, but as you become more familiar with your own abilities, you'll be able to interpret and understand your visions much quicker and easier.