How Do Men Show Affection With Actions?

Including you in his favorite activity is his way of showing affection.
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The common saying “Actions speak louder than words” may turn out to be truer of men than it is for women in regard to how they show affection. Although men and women are capable of expressing how they feel through both verbal and nonverbal messages, men are more likely to show affection in unspoken ways through actions. There is less subtlety with men. When a guy cares about you, he is likely to find ways to spend time with you, whether enjoying your company or sharing activities.

1 Intimate Gestures

Kissing, holding hands, stroking your face and hair and cuddling are some of the ways in which a guy will show that he cares and wants to feel close to you, reveals a study led by researcher Elizabeth Schoenfeld. Even if a man is not particularly confident, he will try to engage in physical intimacy with the one he loves and cares deeply about. Besides making physical contact, a man may go the extra mile to give you tokens on special occasions, such as gifts on your birthday, flowers and chocolate for Valentine's Day or a special night out to celebrate your three-month dating anniversary.

2 Includes You

Men bond by doing activities with others, says behavioral researcher Helen Fisher in "How to Build Intimacy in Your Relationship," on Oprah online. Whether with his close friends or the girl he has feelings for, spending time engaged in an activity together makes him feel more connected to the people closest to him. Your guy may invite you out to hang with him and his friends. He may try to teach you to play his favorite sport or video game. Doing things with you is a great excuse for a man to spend more time with you.

3 Giving a Helping Hand

A man will display his affection through supportive actions, says professor of family communication Kory Floyd in his article "I Love You Man" on Psychology Today online. Here, muscle power comes into play as the man shows that he is someone on whom you can depend. He may hold your hand to cross the street or literally lift you over the puddle on the sidewalk. Your guy may carry your backpack and your books or walk you to class. He may even agree to go shopping with you to the mall -- although secretly dreading the idea. He is willing to be your phone and computer repair man when anything goes wrong with your favorite gadgets.

4 Future Plans

A man will make plans to include the one he loves. Making long term or short term plans to include you is a sign that your guy is committed to you and your relationship. It shows that you are possibly more than just a fling. The plans could be short term, such as going to the movie on the weekend or the football match next week. He may also make suggestions for the different ideas he has for the Christmas holidays or get you involved in talking about how he could possibly top the gift he got you for your last birthday.

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