Signs a Man Is Attracted to Someone

He enjoys flirting with her when he knows he won't be rejected.
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Men and women demonstrate attraction through body language and verbal cues, but there are gender differences in the way attraction is revealed, asserts behavioral anthropologist Helen E. Fisher in “The Biology of Attraction” for "Psychology Today." Male signs of attraction transcend cultures, and even species, making it easier for you to determine if he’s interested in you or someone else.

1 Watch His Eyes

A man will watch the person he is attracted to and his pupils will dilate to indicate serious interest, according to Fisher. He may only hold the gaze for a few seconds until the object of his attraction looks toward him, but once he makes contact with her, he will hold the gaze longer as he chats her up and looks for signs that she is equally attracted to him. If he loses interest, his gaze will wander, so the woman he’s attracted to should engage him to keep his eyes focused on her.

2 Signs of Power

Watch the man for signs that demonstrate his status and power, such as standing tall with his chest thrust forward or sitting in a chair with his hands behind his head and elbows up. He might roll his shoulders to call attention to his body, swagger, preen, adjust his clothing and tuck his fingers into his belt. He may demonstrate his financial power by buying her a drink or flashing money, suggests Joann Ellison Rodgers in “Flirting Fascination” for "Psychology Today." He will progress from touching himself to touching her, writes Rodgers.

3 Positioning His Body

The attracted man may point his body toward the person he is attracted to. Check the direction of his feet to determine who that person is, advises behavioral investigator Vanessa Van Edwards in “The Body Language of Attraction” for the Huffington Post. When standing or sitting next to her, he leans in, engaging her and drawing her attention to him. He keeps his body open to her by keeping his hands open and away from his chest.

4 His Body Responds

His heart and breath rate may accelerate when he is near the person he’s attracted to, causing his face to become flushed. He might continue to move to keep her attention, making large gestures with his hands. Grabbing the back of his neck exposes his armpits so she can unconsciously catch his scent. A woman will respond most positively to the scent of a man who is genetically compatible with her -- a man possessing an immune system different enough from hers to produce a strong healthy baby, according to psychologist Laura Berman in “5 Elements of Attractiveness” for

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