Signs You Are Dating a Drama King

The outgoing nature that draws you to a drama king can also be the thing that causes problems in the relationship.
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The melodramatics of a drama king can be entertaining, but being romantically involved with one can be an emotional ride. If you suspect that you are dating a drama king, look for certain traits and behaviors that can confirm your suspicions. Pay attention to how you feel and decide whether or not you want to continue the relationship.

1 Needs Constant Attention

You may have been attracted to your boyfriend because he is energetic, funny and full of life. It is easy to be drawn to him because he is so outgoing -- but does he always demand attention? A drama king loves to be the center of attention. In fact, he craves it, according to the "Psychology Today" article, "Field Guide to the Drama Queen" by Jennifer Magid. He is constantly fighting for the spotlight, whether you are out with friends or strangers.

2 Exaggerates Stories and Feelings

A drama king loves to tell stories and may captivate you and others with his storytelling. The downside to his dramatizing is that he will tend to do it when expressing his feelings and opinions, psychiatrist Sheri Spirt tells Magid. He might make his feelings seem more important and blow little things out of proportion. For example, if you missed his call he may say, "Where were you? I was so worried, I thought you were in trouble. I was going to call the police to report a missing person!"

3 Passionate Lover and Fighter

Your guy may be very passionate in love and equally as passionate when fighting. In her book, "Drama Kings: The Men Who Drive Strong Women Crazy," psychotherapist Dalma Heyn describes one type of drama king as someone who will engage in intense arguments and then expect you to make up instantly. It can be frustrating when he sweeps the argument under the rug and expects you to go back to being romantic. This can leave some issues unresolved and can cause you to feel a lack of control in the relationship.

4 You Feel Emotionally Drained

When identifying a drama king, it's important to not just look at the guy's behavior but to also examine your feelings when you are around him. If you feel like you are on a constant emotional roller coaster whenever you are with him, he could be taking you on an exhausting ride. While his upbeat energy can get you excited and make you feel energetic, it can also tire you out. The extreme emotions can even affect your health by causing stress on your body. You might find yourself attracted to his high energy a first, but you may get tired of it soon after.

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