How to Check Voting Hours. Determining the voting hours at your local precinct can be tricky. On a national level, the voting hours are very similar. However, because of the time differences across the country, your voting hours may change. It is best to check the hours before Election Day to be sure that you are arriving at the appropriate time. Most polling stations are open early and late to accommodate those who work during the day.

Check Voting Hours

Remember the voting hours from a previous election. Typically, a state will maintain the same voting hours year after year. If you voted in the last election, chances are the hours haven't changed.

Call the polling station location in your area. Your location will be typed at the bottom of your voter registration card. You can generally contact the polling station as early as 6 a.m. on Election Day because volunteer poll workers and officials will be on site setting up.

Ask employees at the local library or a local school. Polling stations are usually located at both of these places, so you have a good chance of getting accurate information when calling.

Check your local County Clerk's or Secretary of State's website. The day before and on Election Day, the homepage should be flashing important information, including voting hours.

Contact the Board of Election Officials in your county. As Election Day nears, they will be geared up and ready to answer any questions that voters may have about registration, absentee ballots, polling locations and polling hours. They may also have a website that can provide voter information.

Watch the local news the night before and the morning of the elections. Many local news channels try to distribute voting information for citizens. This information usually includes polling location, polling hours, and resources for additional information.

Read the newspaper. Local newspaper publishers also provide the public with voting information the day before and the day of the election.


  • Be sure to bring an ID with you on Election Day. If you are unable to visit your polling station during open hours, you may request an absentee ballot. If you are unable to visit your polling station during open hours, you may request a proxy ballot. Try to prepare your voting agenda before you go to the polls, this will save time.