How to Change Your Voting Party Affiliation

Most states have  a handful of political parties to choose from.
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Registering as a member of a political party often has important implications -- especially when it comes to primary elections. If you live in a state with a closed primary election process, you cannot vote in a party's primary unless you are a registered member of that party. Fortunately, it's fairly simple to change your party affiliation.

1 Re-Register to Vote

To change your party affiliation, you'll typically need to re-register to vote. Registering to vote typically involves filling out a voter registration form and providing proof that you are an adult U.S. citizen and a resident of the state in which you're registering. Some states require you to register by a particular deadline to vote in the next primary or election. For example, the state of California requires voters to submit their registration 15 days before an election. States typically feature online registration in addition to paper registration forms. Visit the website for your state's board of elections for specific registration information. If you want to change your affiliation for a local election, visit the city, county or parish elections website.

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