Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit organization that builds housing for those in need. These homes are typically built via a local Habitat for Humanity affiliate where volunteers from the community can partake in the building process. However, the organization builds housing overseas in poverty-stricken countries as well. If you are interested in helping your local Habitat for Humanity or would like to go overseas and help build housing, you will need to contact a local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

Find your local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. On the organization's website, type your ZIP code into the search box under "Find Your Local Habitat for Humanity" and press "Search."

Call or send an e-mail to the nearest Habitat for Humanity affiliate. Let the affiliate know you would like to know when the next building projects are scheduled. They may give you the information at that moment if you are communicating via telephone, or may choose to e-mail you the information.

Sign up for the building project you want to participate in. The organization might sign you up over the phone, or you may have to drive to the affiliate. Arrive at the site of the building project at the designated date and time. Once you have arrived, you will begin building housing for Habitat for Humanity.