How to Become a Prince Hall Eastern Star

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The Order of the Eastern Star is the world’s largest fraternal order that both men and women may join. There are various types or affiliations associated with Masonry and by extension, The Order of the Eastern Star. In order to become a member of a Prince Hall affiliated Order of the Eastern Star Chapter an individual must successfully petition a local chapter for membership.

1 Contact the secretary

Contact the secretary of Prince Hall-Affiliated Grand Lodge in your state.

2 Inquire about the requirements for membership

Inquire about the requirements for membership. In some jurisdictions, only affiliated Master Masons and certain relatives may join. Though this is sometimes referred to as “blood relatives,” the list includes the wife, mother, daughter, step-daughter, legally adopted daughter, granddaughter, grandmother, sister, widow, stepmother, sister-in law and aunt of a Master Mason. However, not all jurisdictions make this a requirement.

3 Get the contact information

Get the contact information of the local chapter, or ask the secretary to put you in contact with a member.

4 Prepare for contact with the member

Prepare for contact with the member by jotting down a few of the reasons you’d like to join, your knowledge of the organization, your history of volunteer experience and the names of any Master Masons or Eastern Stars in your family.

5 Call the Eastern Star no later

Call the Eastern Star no later than 24 to 48 hours after speaking with a member from the Grand Lodge. Your prompt follow-up will indicate a seriousness in membership that chapter members can appreciate.

6 Ask about chapter initiatives

Ask about chapter initiatives, volunteer projects and fellowship activities. This will ensure that not only is the chapter not dormant, but that the chapter knows you’re interested in becoming an active member. Make arrangements to attend any upcoming events open to the public.

7 Attend any upcoming events

Attend any upcoming events. While there, concentrate on interacting with members. It’s not necessary to indicate that you’re interested in membership. However, if the event you’re at is one focused on community service, be sure to offer a helping hand.

8 Follow up with your initial person of contact

Follow up with your initial person of contact and request the opportunity to petition. When you receive the application, complete it carefully and truthfully. Membership in the Order of the Eastern Star is extended by vote only. Should your petition be successful, a member will contact you for further instruction.

Shewanda Pugh attended Alabama A&M University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in political science. She also holds a Master of Arts in writing from Nova Southeastern University. Pugh's work has been featured in several print publications, including the "Farquhar Forum," "Go!Riverwalk" and "Foreword Magazine."