How to Become Presbyterian

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How to Become Presbyterian. The word Presbyterian is derived from the Greek word presbuteros, meaning elder. Presbyterians strongly believe in education and the ongoing study and understanding of the scriptures, theological writings and church doctrine. The Presbyterian church is generally welcoming, and it's easy to become a member in one of the more than 10,000 congregations nationwide.

1 To Become Presbyterian

2 Accept Jesus Christ as your savior

Accept Jesus Christ as your savior, and confess your faith in him. This is the first step to join any Christian church.

3 Promise to be and to obey Christ's

Promise to be faithful and to obey Christ's word and raise your children, if you have them, as Christians.

4 Witness within your community

Witness within your community by using your God-given talent's and personal blessings. Witness not only by your words, but by your actions.

5 Check out the Presbyterian Church USA's

Check out the Presbyterian Church USA's website (see Resources below). You can find a congregation near you to visit or join.

6 Join a Presbyterian Church

7 Join a congregation by baptism

Join a congregation by baptism, affirmation or reaffirmation of faith.

8 Meet with the session

Meet with the session, which is the church's governing body. This will give the members a chance to know who you are and that you want to join their congregation. The session meets monthly unless a special meeting needs to be called.

9 Ask the session

Ask the session to request a letter of transfer if you've already been a member of a Presbyterian church elsewhere.

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