How to Join a Moose Lodge

Members of a Moose lodge hosting a bbq for a charity event.
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Founded in 1888, the Loyal Order of Moose is a service organization for both men and women, engaged with many community charities. It also sponsors Moosehaven, a Florida retirement community, and Mooseheart, a community for children and teens in need. The only way to join the organization is for a member to sponsor you. Increasing their membership is in their charter, though, so as long as you fit the basic requirements, you just may find yourself a Moose.

1 Basic Qualifications

You must be at least 21 years old and profess belief in a Supreme Being, though you don’t need to be a member of an established religion. You cannot be a member of a terrorist organization or a recognized subversive group. Nor can you be a felon or sex offender. You cannot join if you have been expelled from another Moose lodge. Return the filled-out application to your sponsor with a check for part of the dues. The sponsor gives it to the application review committee. If approved, your application is then voted upon by the lodge members at a regular meeting.

2 Obligations and Benefits

The Moose organization expects you to participate in service programs such as Special Olympics. There are also regular Moose events and activities like dances, sports and picnics. You can also take advantage of discounts from “benefit partners” in the hotel, rental car and other industries.

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